Add Music to Videos

Add a captivating soundtrack to make your creative video compositions come alive.

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Edit with audio for free

Using Runway is one of the fastest and easiest ways to add music to your video creations. Runway’s friendly interface is simple to learn, yet impressively powerful. Edit down your audio in a flash using built-in features like trimming, volume adjustment, and more.
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How to Add Music to Videos

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Import Assets
Upload audio and video files straight to the cloud and never worry about computer storage again. From MP3 to OGG files, we've got you covered.
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Add Music
Drag your favorite audio track into the timeline using the easy-to-navigate assets browser. From here, you’re able to adjust song length, volume, and positioning to fit your specific needs.
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Once your music is added, all that’s left to do is export! Choose from a generous range of export options... Customize formatting, download in 4K, or continue editing in Runway for more easy to use features

Add rhythm to your edits

Including music in your creations can completely transform the feel of your videos. Cut your clips to the beat for a snappy and energetic edit, or add in your favorite throwback track for a retro vibe.

Why Runway?

All-in-one online video editor

Forget the headache of mismatched video tools; Runway is your one stop shop for video editing. Add in music or sound effects to round out your composition, then continue working in the same software for ease and speed.

Express your creativity

With Runway’s growing selection of artificial intelligence magic tools, it’s not difficult to get creative. Produce professional-level special effects, animations, and unique compositions, all from the comfort of your internet browser.

The fastest way to edit

From YouTubers to documentary filmmakers, video creators are raving about the time Runway saves them. Save yourself the hours of frustration and make the traditionally manual video editing tasks automatic.
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How much does Runway cost?
Runway is free to use! We also offer additional subscription plans for advanced features.
Will my audio and video files work in Runway?
Runway accepts a wide range of video files and formats. We also accept various audio files like MP3 and WAV.
Can I edit the audio once it’s in Runway?
Yes! You can trim the audio, drag it to just the right place, and adjust the volume all within Runway.
What are the system requirements to use Runway?
Runway is accessible on any desktop device with an internet browser. We currently operate exclusively on Google Chrome, but will expand in the coming months.
Do you have more features besides audio?
Definitely — Runway is a fully featured video editor! Utilize the artificial intelligence magic of Green Screen and Inpainting, add text, experiment with filters and effects, and take advantage of our advanced export options.
Want more help?
Visit our help center.
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