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Frame your masterpiece how you want it

One of the challenges of video cropping is adjusting the video frame. Adjust the aspect ratio of your next project to suit screens of all sizes for your new project. With Runway’s lightning-fast, in-browser editing suite, it’s easy to crop and re-crop until you find the perfect fit. Widescreen, fullscreen, or beyond, Runway magic keeps up when your best ideas crop up.

Take your creativity to another dimension

Remove mistakes during filming, center your image, or change the overall dimensions with our intuitive crop feature. Edit collaboratively on the go, and breathe easy with changes saved immediately in-browser. With Runway, you can always find a fresh new angle for your project—whether you’re cropping at top speed from a collaborator’s laptop or making a new cut on your mobile phone.

How To Use

Browser UI
Upload your video file directly to the cloud and don’t worry about computer storage ever again. From ProRes to MOV, we've got you covered.
Browser UI
Crop Video
Use the crop adjusters in the right-hand panel of the editor to refine your crop down to the percentage, for ultimate precision
Browser UI
Once you’re satisfied with the video crop, you can continue editing or export your finished creation in a variety of resolution and formatting options.


How do I crop a video to match my creative vision? Simple. Runway’s wondrously fast system makes it your one-stop shop for all editing experimentation. Find the perfect dimensions for your footage and apply it to as many frames as you want with our intuitive editing tools. With an AI-based system built for speed, we’re ready for your boldest ideas.

Clean up your footage

Remove common distractions that can creep up at the edge of the frame with our simple crop function.

Test on multiple screens simultaneously

Edit with collaborators in our browser-based system and try your cropped video on various devices in real-time to instantly discover what works and what doesn’t.

Let your creativity shine

Enhance your storytelling and support your creative vision with flawless, professional content that’s just a click away.

Why Runway?

Adobe Premiere Pro and Filmora Video Editor aren’t the only video editing tool you can use for cropping video. How do you crop a video and achieve your boldest creative visions? Video cropping starts with a powerful video editing software that delivers quick, intuitive changes in the blink of an eye. Whether you’re beginning a project anew or adding the finishing touches, Runway magic makes it easy to find the perfect framing for your story.

Share in the editing experience together

Edit projects collectively and receive immediate feedback with our intelligent real-time system. When you work in browser with collaborators all around the world, you can crop, cut, and enhance together at every moment. Looking for feedback before you make your final touches? Send it to a friend with a simple link or email invite.

Crop, then style

From technical fixes to stylistic choices, our all-in-one video editor takes you through every step of post-production. Crop your video to the perfect dimensions, add informative subtitles and text, create an innovative soundscape, remove object from video, insert a new background on your Green Screen and more in our adaptable AI-powered editing suite. All the tools you need at your fingertips​​—that’s Runway magic.

Bring your creative vision to life in a flash

With everything from simple cropping and easy rotation to customizable filters and video templates, our adaptable editing suite helps you tell your story exactly how you dreamed—except so much faster. Build on your foundation with cutting-edge technology and tools that empower you to experiment right away. Free your creativity in an instant, from anywhere.
What are the benefits of cropping videos?
One of the top benefits of cropping a video is that it can remove some of the imperfections that arise during production.
While every filmmaker hopes to bring pristine, flawless footage into the editing room, this is often not the case. Filming is a long, collaborative process that comes with various risks. Someone may unintentionally walk into the shot, a boom pole might dip into the top of the frame, or an extraneous object might roll in front of the camera. When you’re faced with such imperfections, a simple crop can remove any trace of error without substantially changing the resolution of your footage.
Another benefit of cropping your video is that it allows you to adjust your aspect ratio easily. Given the different screen sizes available, it’s highly likely your video will be shown at various aspect ratios, including:
  • 16:9, known as widescreen, the aspect ratio of smartphones, laptops, and some televisions
  • 4:3, or fullscreen, a classic dimension used in traditional cinema and some modern independent films
Preparing for various screen dimensions can help make your project suitable for many different viewing situations, which can enhance its visibility, raise your view count, and widen your audience. With our in-browser editing suite, you can easily test your cropped result before displaying it on the big (or small) screen.
Finally, cropping your video provides you with the opportunity to make creative and technical choices by changing the composition of your image. Maybe you’ve realized your footage is slightly off-center, or you’ve decided that an object in the left part of the shot should be the focal point. An easy crop can adjust the entire composition of the shot, drawing the viewer’s eye to a new location and changing the overall feel of the image.
Whether your decision to crop your footage is practical or aesthetic in nature, this editing technique can help you maximize your impact and focus your story.
What are some tips for cropping?
As an editing tool, cropping can certainly benefit your video. That said, it’s important to keep these best practices in mind while you move through post-production:
  • Start small – When you’re cropping a video, it’s important to maintain the image quality of your original footage. To that end, we recommend beginning with a conservative approach. Instead of cropping most of your raw material, start by cutting away a smaller amount of the original image.
  • Here’s why we avoid slashing-and-burning: During filming, the camera records a finite number of pixels. If your cropped image is a tiny fraction of the original, you’ll experience a loss of resolution when the clip is blown up to fit a bigger screen. To prevent these difficult post-production situations, try to plan shots that won’t need excessive cropping.
  • Avoid extremes – Changing the aspect ratio of your footage from one extreme to another—for example, a vertical mobile phone video to a horizontal laptop dimension—can result in a loss of important details. Regarding technical aspects, cropping is more effective for making enhancements on a smaller scale.
  • Be consistent – Once you’ve found the right look during the cropping process, apply the change to all the frames in the clip. For example, if you’re cropping out a boom pole that dipped into the frame, don’t forget to apply the same frame size and location to your other shots for a seamless, unnoticeable change.
  • Keep a paper trail – Organization is paramount when you’re cropping. Make a copy of the original clip before editing so you can always return to your starting place if necessary. You may find that you prefer the original version or that you need to start over with the cropping and try again.
Ready to start cropping? Find the best framing for your project with our easy-to-use editing tools. Start with a crop and finish with our various filters and templates, multi-track audio editing, and more for bold creations that are uniquely you. Make Runway magic your own​​—anytime, anywhere
When in the editing process should I crop my videos?
When you start editing a new project, it’s important to have a workflow to stay organized. So, where will cropping fit into yours?
While every editing process is different, you probably won’t begin cropping your footage until you’ve arranged a rough cut—an approximate sequence of clips that have not yet been cut precisely to the frame. By creating a rough draft first, you won’t waste any time cropping clips that are bound for the cutting room floor or trying to determine which clips you’ve already cropped.
When you’re preparing to crop your footage, create a folder to store your newly cropped clips. Then, use our intuitive cropping tool to edit your rough cut before arranging them into their final sequence. While you can also crop after finalizing your sequence, cropping in the rough-draft stage allows you to confirm that you actually can remove any technical flaws before you commit to a certain cut.
Once you’ve fixed any technical errors and arranged the composition to your preferences, it’s time to add in filters, subtitles, and other stylistic elements. Mix in the aesthetic choices after cropping so you can establish the basic dimensions of your footage before putting in the creative effort.
Should I use preset aspect ratios or create my own?
The primary benefit of preset video dimensions is that they are universally accepted and formatted to fit a large number of screens. While you can create your own unique aspect ratios, be sure to try them out on various devices to confirm compatibility. Even if your unique aspect ratio is playable, the look of your video can vary from the editing booth to the screen.
For a best-of-both-worlds approach, try cropping to the preset ratios and then throw in unique aspect ratios if the standard dimensions don’t align with your creative vision.
No matter where you land—preset or personalized—be sure to spend some time experimenting with your editing toolkit. You’ll often find that the video you create is so much different and so much more amazing than what you initially envisioned.
Juggling more editing tasks than you can count? With our lightning-fast editing tools, you don’t have to choose between speed and quality. Try on filters, explore subtitle options, and play around with aspect ratios in a matter of moments—all on our powerful AI-based editing suite.
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