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Build momentum with radial blur

Create seamless transitions or the appearance of high-speed action with our radial blur effect. What is a radial blur? Often mistaken for a motion blur, it is a kind of a circular blur, but the center point is in sharp focus. The final image looks like the subject is in motion. The radial blur is a common blurring effect in video games, especially racing games. But it's also a cool effect for video transitions. Combine this feature with countless filters, effects, templates, and editing software tools right at your fingertips. Drive your project forward from anywhere and with anyone using our intelligent web-based editing suite.

Editing so quick it blurs together

Enhance your video game promo, add drama to a music video, or create a dynamic chase scene with one-click radial blur. blur outward or inward with exacting precision for a dialed-in look. Easily make changes in real-time, collaborating in our browser-based system to tell your unique story.

How To Use

Browser UI
Upload your video file directly to the cloud and don’t worry about computer storage ever again. From ProRes to MOV, we've got you covered.
Browser UI
Add Radial Blur
Search for our “Radial Blur” effect in the right-hand panel of the video editor. Once added, use the translation and intensity sliders to customize the look and feel of your edit!
Browser UI
Once you’re satisfied with the applied effect, you can continue editing or export your finished creation in a variety of resolution and formatting options.


Make moving objects appear faster than they are, create otherworldly images that haunt the audience, or home in on a precise point of the video, so every eye goes there too. Add all kinds of dynamism to your video with radial blur—just one of the many creative features in our all-in-one editing suite.

Depict motion-picture motion

Draw in your audience with a subjective point of view that vividly depicts the perception of motion, rendered in a 2D format.

Create a captivating focal point

Easily make creative decisions about where to focus the image in post-production when you add radial blur to the background.

Design a unique environment

Combine high-quality radial blur with specific aural elements to create an unstable atmosphere, a dreamlike setting, and other immersive cinematic visuals.

Why Runway?

Add dramatic radial blur, slow down the shot, fade into a dreamlike melody, and more. No matter the features you need—whether for your next feature film or an at-home passion project—Runway’s intuitive editing tools allow you to work fast and effectively. Try out numerous special effects and tools such as Inpaint or removing a Green Screen simultaneously with collaborators in our all-in-one web-based editing suite.

Creative tools and templates for a creation to remember

Easily add special effects to your special project with our adaptable, intuitive editing tools. Runway’s AI-powered editing suite includes cutting-edge features and customizable templates, all designed to tell your story. With everything from cutting and cropping to filters and effects, there’s plenty of Runway for testing out bold choices.

Intuitive editing tools and one-click effects for all

Edit fast and edit collaboratively with our adaptable AI-powered system. With lightning-fast processing speeds, you can implement new ideas at a moment’s notice and share them with collaborators immediately. As your creative vision starts to come to life before your eyes, our intuitive editing platform will keep up.

Motion blur made accessible, even when you’re in motion

Add in a radial blur​​—and other exciting effects—anywhere, anytime. Begin a new project on your device of choice and watch collaborators across the world pick up immediately where you left off. No matter what device you’re working on, our web-based editing system saves your work immediately and saves you lots of space in your bag and time in post.
What are the uses of radial blur?
Radial blur, also known as motion blur, is a special effect used to mimic how objects look when moving toward, away from, or in front of a stationary viewer. Example uses for this versatile feature include:
  • Authentically depicting people or objects in motion
  • Creating the impression of superspeed or warped time, with the final effect making the viewer feel like traveling at light speed
  • Adding a dramatic effect to an otherwise stable clip
  • Depicting an overwhelmed or unsettled state of mind
  • Creating visual contrast to capture the viewer’s attention and giving more emphasis to the main subject
Radial blur is a common feature in a variety of mediums. If you’re wondering how to make the most of this effect, consider the following ideas:
  • Create an immersive video game environment – Game designers commonly use the radial blur effect when players look through a scope or are on the move. It's common among 1st POV games to suggest movement. Add motion blur to your own video game design or promotional videos to create a more authentic, immersive experience. Radial blur can enhance the dynamism of your game setting, heightening the suspense of the moment. This helps to engage the viewer, especially in first-person games where their decisions change the trajectory of the experience.
  • Establish a subjective cinematic world – Radial blur is often used to help the viewer understand the inner world of the character. While the radial blur effect is not usually sustained throughout the entire film or even an entire scene, its appearance in small doses powerfully reveals subjective feelings and sensations. For example, you can use radial blur to isolate a character from their surroundings, depicting them as a single static element in a sea of movement. This effect can also show an overwhelmed state of mind where no single object stands still, used after a character hears the devastating news that throws their world off its axis.
  • Design captivating static images – Adding motion blur to your static images creates a sense of contrast and motion that reels the viewer into the world. Try incorporating this effect with objects commonly in motion, such as speeding cars, bustling crowds, or a baseball hit out of the park.
  • Share a unique message – Experimental work often challenges the status quo, constructing a world that is reflective of yet vastly different from our daily lives. Adding radial blur is a helpful technique when designing a specific, unfamiliar environment. Whether it’s a looped video exhibition or an image collage, combine your content with motion blur to defamiliarize the visual space. Such an effect can encourage your viewer to ask deeper questions about the work and your overall theme.
Ready to put your next creative project in motion? Add a powerful radial blur effect with just a click. Easily experiment with the intensity, duration, direction, and placement of our radial gradient tool in our intuitive editing suite. And for a masterful finishing touch, combine this effect with abundant filters, features, and effects.
What are some tips for using radial blur?
If you’re applying a radial blur to your video using video templates, which factors do you need to consider? Whether it’s the climactic action scene or an early world-building montage, make this effect your own with the following concepts in mind:
  • Adjust the intensity of the effect – Applying radial blur is not a binary on-off decision. Think of this feature as a continual spectrum from a barely noticeable softening to a full-on, out-of-focus blur. When deciding on how much blur to use in your video, experimentation is always best. In the end, you’ll want to choose a level consistent with the amount of motion you’re depicting. For example, if your scene involves crowds walking through a metro station, you may want to tone down the blur if the figures are not recognizable as people anymore. If a spaceship travels at lightspeed, you may want the vessel to become almost unrecognizable.
  • Keep in mind that the intensity of the radial blur effect doesn’t have to remain the same throughout the shot. Try increasing the intensity of the motion blur as the rocketship blasts off, or the main subject sinks deeper into insanity, for example.
  • Decide on a duration – Since radial blur is a special effect, creating contrast is important. Too much motion blur may not create the dynamic feeling you’re aiming for, and eventually, viewers will likely find it distracting rather than interesting. Consider adding the radial blur effect to the climax of your video or in quick, carefully selected moments.
  • Choose a focal point – The same scene can look drastically different depending on the focal point you choose. If you’re illustrating motion as authentically as possible, consider setting the focal point of your radial blur filter in the center of the screen. Otherwise, for more subjective shots, you may select your protagonist or the object in motion as your point of focus.
  • Create a compelling soundtrack – Designing a soundscape to match the radial blur effect will easily add to the viewing experience. Use our multitrack audio capabilities to create richly layered aural elements. For example, if your scene shows cars racing around a track, throw in a fast-paced upbeat song that sets the audience’s hearts racing. On the other hand, you can support an unstable atmosphere with dissonant chords and a thin melodic line or occasionally screeching sounds that grow in volume and length. With music, pointed sound effects, and ambient noise, you can create a truly immersive environment.
  • Use a subjective camera angle – Since the radial blur effect depicts objects in motion from the perspective of a stationary viewer, it’s natural to use point-of-view shots mimicking how a person may experience the situation. Consider pairing motion blur with a steady cam or POV shot rather than a medium or wide.
As you play around with all sorts of image qualities, try and take a step back every once in a while to see how the video looks from start to finish, rather than focusing in on just one frame or sequence.
Can you add radial blur to all images or videos?
The short answer is: yes, you can. However, you may not necessarily want to. This effect typically works best with objects already in motion. This is because radial blur creates a rotation blur from your central focal point. If you use the effect on a static close-up shot of a person or object, for example, you’ll usually end up with fuzzy outlines similar that seem unintentionally out of focus.
That being said, it’s important to experiment with various ideas to find the one that brings out your story your way. Ready to test them out? Upload your clips, explore the effects at your disposal, and make some magic.
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