Train your own AI model

Without writing a single line of code!

Image Synthesis

Train an image generator (GAN) and create a model that synthesize endless images and assets.

Object Detection New

Build your own object detection models and explore new ways to interact with your media.

Text Generation

Create a customizable text generator and explore infinite ways to create new narratives.

Image Synthesis

Easily train and customize your own machine learning models (GANs) to generate new images.

No Code Required

Use Custom Datasets

Bring your own image collection or use public datasets.

Explore the Latent Space

Discover and navigate through your generated images.

Synthetic Media

Create interpolation videos or generate endless new assets.

Object Detection

Build your own object detection models to recognize any object, scene, or elements in images or videos.

No Code Required

Export Options

Detect your custom objects in images, videos, and data (.csv)

Automate Batch Tasks

Crop selected objects and organize your media.

Access via API

Host your model online and access it from anywhere.

Text Generation

Create a text-based generative model from your own documents and text files

No Code Required

Multi File Support

Use a single file or multiple text files to train.

Batch Generate

Generate as many iterations of your text as you want.

Access via API

Host your Model and access it from anywhere.