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Image Generation

Explore new techniques for synthesizing media.

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In every single workshop people go crazy over @runwayml and how accessible machine learning can be ❤ #awwwardssf



The new @runwayml beta feels like the first link in a huge chain reaction blast. It's like a new Photoshop. We're going to see a wave of creative ML ideas from people who couldn't access this tech until now.



I must say @runwayml is pretty amazing - if it were possible I would invest in them now since I see a very bright future for it.



Working with pre-trained models with various inputs/outputs via @runwayml is not only a surprising 'fun' and engaging user experience, but it's really making machine learning so much more approachable for me.



Available Models

Cutting edge machine learning models at your fingertips

Discover the right type of model for your project or add your own custom model and share it with the world.


by Google

Perform real-time skeletal tracking of one or more people.

Motion CapturePose EstimationCV

Face Landmarks

by Davis E. King

Identify facial key points of detected faces in an image.

Face DetectionHuman


by Facebook

Isolate sections of an image out of 80 different categories.

SegmentationBackground Removal


by Facebook

Detect humans in 2D images and turn them into 3D surface models.

Body Estimation3DUV

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