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Tools for human imagination.
A new suite of creative tools designed to turn the ideas in your head into reality. All made possible with AI models that can understand and generate worlds.
Prompt: A cinematic portrait of a pained, wrinkly face of an older women, illuminated by the glow a tv.
Prompt: A Japanese monkey in a hot spring.
Prompt: A close-up of a wave crashing against the beach, the sea foam spells out "WAKE UP" on the sand.
Prompt: A giant monster made out of sticks and leaves slams its fists against the ground in the jungle. The camera is shaky handheld footage.
Prompt: A dream-like FPV hyper-speed fly through multiple locations. streets at night, a dense tropical jungle, underwater coral.
Prompt: A cinematic fast push in on a woman looking surprised and scared, soft dim lighting with out of focus background.
Prompt: A cinematic pull back of a medieval warrior standing exhausted in the middle of a cold, wet and foggy battlefield.
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