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About Runway

At Runway, we believe everyone has a story to tell.
Our mission is to make content creation accessible to all. We are taking recent advancements in computer graphics and machine learning to push the boundaries of creativity and in turn, lower the barriers of content creation; unfastening a new wave of storytelling.
Over the last four years, we’ve raised funding from top-tier investors including Felicis, Coatue, Amplify, Lux, and Compound all with a team small enough to fit at one (growing) table. Our team consists of creative, open minded, and caring individuals from all walks of life.

Unleashing a new wave of creativity and storytelling.
  • We value non-traditional backgrounds.
  • We value ideas that are deemed “impossible.”
  • We value the small rituals that define and will continue to define our culture.
  • We aspire to build incredible things, which starts with building an incredible team! 🚀
Our Values
  • 🛠
    Invent the future
    We optimize for creating new value in the world. We don't seek to improve processes marginally. We believe that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. We learn by doing, and we optimize for the long-term.
  • 😃
    Relentless optimism
    We are optimistic about a future where moving creativity forward is not only possible, but inevitable. We are optimistic, but not naive. Along the way we will encounter countless challenges, and some things will be hard to solve. We are confident that we will solve them together, as a team.
  • 👩🏽‍🔬
    Try fast, learn fast
    We’re a team of dreamers with high ambitions. Our success will depend on how fast we learn. Trial and error. Rise and repeat. Stay humble and learn something every day.
  • 🌍
    Solve for our users. Solve with care.
    Our mission is to make content creation accessible to all. We care deeply about what we are building and for whom we are building it for. Our product is a mirror of our values. We’re proud to have a team of people from different walks of life and we believe that inclusion, transparency, and respect for one another are essential to the way we operate.
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