The Runway Journey

The first alpha version of Runway was released in May 2018, and it's been quite a journey since then. In just a couple of months, Runway has been used to teach about machine learning in universities, workshops and classrooms around the world. It has been used for art projects, to create poetry and to build interactive real-time installations. And now, after all the feedback, we are building a new Runway from the ground up.

Runway is built with designers and artists in mind. And it is built by artists and designers. We want to create a tool that we, as creators, will use and love. Runway's main goal is to make the process of using state of the art artificial intelligence models as easy as possible so creators can start thinking and using artificial intelligence in new and unexpected ways.

We want Runway to be a platform for collaboration, expression and creation. We want people to use this tool and start answering some of the questions we are asking ourselves. Can modern machine learning techniques be used to support, generate or understand a creative process? How can a graphic illustrator benefit from a deep neural network that learns how to describe the content of images? What will a 3D animator do with a neural network trained to generate speech? Can a musician create sound from an algorithm that creates photorealistic portraits? In which ways should or could people with little experience optimally interact with machine learning?

Machine learning is a complex field that will likely continue to impact our society for years to come and we need more ways of giving more people access so we can collectively unleash the creative potential of this technology for the benefit of the arts, as well as society as a whole.

Stay Tuned!

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