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AI Training
Easily train your own AI image generator for endless customized portraits and more
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How to use AI Training

Step 1
Upload images
Choose 15-25 images to create your dataset. The model’s results will be directly influenced by the images you upload, so choose carefully! Ensure your subject is in focus, provide different contexts and lighting situations, and crop your images to contain only the subject.
Step 2
Provide your model with a keyword — make it simple and easy to remember for future use. Wait about 30 minutes for training results to process.
Step 3
Explore your model
Discover new ways to customize images by opening up Text to Image and selecting your model there. (Consider it your personal AI art generator!)

AI Training tutorial

Learn how to use AI Training in this quick tutorial

Why Runway?

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Endless features

New AI Tools are being released weekly, in addition to our fully-featured timeline video editor. Remove backgrounds with Green Screen, create custom LUTs, and add subtitles or export transcripts all in the same app. Say goodbye to clunky third-party plugins and external softwares — in Runway you have it all.

Edit faster

Your workflow has never been faster. We’re leveraging the latest technologies that AI has to offer to create unique next-generation tooling, but with a familiar feeling and easy entry-point. Make manual rotoscoping, sourcing stock imagery, and outsourcing storyboarding a thing of the past.

In the cloud

Pick up work from anywhere in the world. Collaborate in real-time. Keep your assets centralized, and just a click away. Use Runway by simply opening your browser and logging in — no software downloads or hard drive storage required.
How much does AI Training cost?
AI Training is accessible with a Standard or Pro plan, and costs $10 per trained model. Upgrade your account to Standard or Pro for one free training!
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Can I sell these images?
How to make an AI image generator?
Look no further! Start now at app.runwayml.com.
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