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Use words and images to generate new videos out of existing ones.
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How to use Gen-1

Step 1
Select a video
Choose a video from your desktop or iPhone that you want to use as your input. If you’re using mobile, you can also opt for shooting a new video directly in the app.
Step 2
Choose your style reference
There are three ways to transform your input video. Select an existing image, write a text prompt, or pick from one of Runway’s preset styles.
Step 3
Preview and generate
Unlock advanced settings on desktop like structural consistency, weight, or frame consistency to fine-tune your generations. Preview various generations before committing. Then, simply click “Generate” to watch the magic unfold.

Gen-1 Basics

Learn the basics of using Gen-1 in Runway.

Why Runway?

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Endless features

Explore our 30+ AI Tools alongside our fully-featured timeline video editor. Remove backgrounds with Green Screen, create custom LUTs, and add subtitles or export transcripts all in the same app. Say goodbye to clunky third-party plugins and external softwares — in Runway you have it all.

Constant innovation

Research is at the core of what Runway does. Which means, as a Runway user, you're constantly at the bleeding edge of what's next in generative AI. From research releases to early access models like Gen-1 and Gen-2, being a part of Runway keeps you at the forefront of innovation in creative AI.

In the cloud

Pick up work from anywhere in the world. Collaborate in real-time. Keep your assets centralized, and just a click away. Use Runway by simply opening your browser and logging in — no software downloads or hard drive storage required.
How much does Gen-1 cost?
Gen-1 currently costs $.14 per second of generated video. Each monthly paid plan comes with an allotment of monthly credits to use before purchasing additional credits. Previews are available to view before committing to paying for generations. More on pricing here.
How can I use Gen-1?
Use Gen-1 by logging into your Runway account and heading to AI Tools. View this video tutorial for specific instructions.
Is Gen-1 the same as video to video?
Yes, Gen-1 is also known as video to video. To learn more about text to video capabilities, head over to Gen-2.
What kind of files does Gen-1 create?
Gen-1 output videos are currently formatted as MP4 files.
Can I use generations commercially?
Yes! Runway users maintain full ownership of their output videos. Find more information by reading our Terms of Use.
Want more help?
Visit our help center.
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