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Create videos in any style you can imagine with Text to Video generation. If you can think it, you can generate it.

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How to use Text to Video
Enter a text prompt, adjust settings and generate a video.

Try Text to Video
Step 1
Enter a text prompt
To get started, try typing in a simple prompt like, “a waterfall.” From there, you can start to add modifiers to affect the style, composition and overall mood of your generation.
Step 2
Once you've crafted a text prompt, select a video duration of up to 10 seconds and click "Generate." All Gen-3 Alpha generations are saved to your Generative Video folder by default.
Step 3
After generating, experiment with fixed seed numbers for consistent styles, or tweak your text prompt to produce diverse results.
Introducing General World Models
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We believe the next major advancement in AI will come from systems that understand the visual world and its dynamics, which is why we’re starting a new long-term research effort around what we call general world models.
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