Generative Audio

Add dialogue and voiceovers to your videos with Text to Speech, Lip Sync and Custom Voices.

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How to use Text to Speech
Enter text to generate dialogue.

Try Text to Speech
Step 1
Create a script
Enter the text you want brought to life. You can type up to 20 seconds of generated voice.
Step 2
Select a voice
Select from preset voice options in Runway, or train your own option using Custom Voices.
Step 3
Click "Generate" to create your audio clip. Then download and bring it inside your video projects, or use it directly with Lip Sync.

How to use Lip Sync
Bring still characters to life by adding speech.

Try Lip Sync
Step 1
Select a face
Choose from preset options in Runway or upload your own image or video. This will be the face speaking in your final generation.
Step 2
Add a script
Type what you want your character to say.
Step 3
Click “Generate” and wait for your video result.

How to use Custom Voices
Create your own voice to use in Text to Speech.

Try Custom Voices
Step 1
Read sample script
Runway will provide a sample script for you to read. Record the script directly in Runway, or upload a pre-recorded file.
Step 2
Train your voice
Wait a moment for training to process. After training once, you’ll be able to use your voice over and over again.
Step 3
Start using it
Use your new voice in Text to Speech. Write an original piece or use a provided example script.
Introducing General World Models
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We believe the next major advancement in AI will come from systems that understand the visual world and its dynamics, which is why we’re starting a new long-term research effort around what we call general world models.
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