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Text to Image Generation
Easily create an image from scratch with our AI image generator by entering descriptive text.
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How to use Text to Image

Step 1
Write a prompt
Use your imagination to craft an original line of text. You’ll want to provide as much detail as possible for the best results — commas are your friend!
Step 2
Adjust settings
Change resolution, style, medium, mood, and prompt weight to customize Text to Image AI to your liking. Think: pixel-art, watercolor, vivid, sketch, among many more styles.
Step 3
Once you’ve chosen all your settings, choose the amount of images you’d like to generate —from one individual image to a batch of 500.

Learn how to generate images using text

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to use Text to Image.

Why Runway?

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Endless features

New AI Magic Tools are being released weekly, in addition to our fully-featured timeline video editor. Remove backgrounds with Green Screen, create custom LUTs, and add subtitles or export transcripts all in the same app. Say goodbye to clunky third-party plugins and external softwares — in Runway you have it all.

Edit faster

Your workflow has never been faster. We’re leveraging the latest technologies that AI has to offer to create unique next-generation tooling, but with a familiar feeling and easy entry-point. Make manual rotoscoping, sourcing stock imagery, and outsourcing storyboarding a thing of the past.

In the cloud

Pick up work from anywhere in the world. Collaborate in real-time. Keep your assets centralized, and just a click away. Use Runway by simply opening your browser and logging in — no software downloads or hard drive storage required.
How much does Text to Image cost to use?
Each Text to Image generation costs 5 credits. Credits may be purchased with a Standard or Pro plan for $.01 each, with a minimum purchase of $10. Downloading in higher resolutions may require a Standard or Pro account.
Can I sell AI image generations as artwork?
Yes! Anything you create using Text to Image is fully yours to use personally or commercially.
What are the system requirements to use Runway?
Runway is accessible on any desktop device with an internet browser! We are currently optimized for use with Google Chrome. Simply head to app.runwayml.com to get started, no downloads required.
What kind of files will I receive?
Output results are delivered as JPG image files.
Want more help?
Visit our help center.
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