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Introducing Gen-3 Alpha
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Anastasis Germanidis | June 17th, 2024
Gen-3 Alpha is the first of an upcoming series of models trained by Runway on a new infrastructure built for large-scale multimodal training. It is a major improvement in fidelity, consistency, and motion over Gen-2, and a step towards building General World Models.
All of the videos on this page were generated with Gen-3 Alpha with no modifications.
Prompt: Subtle reflections of a woman on the window of a train moving at hyper-speed in a Japanese city.
Prompt: An astronaut running through an alley in Rio de Janeiro.
Prompt: FPV flying through a colorful coral lined streets of an underwater suburban neighborhood.
Prompt: Handheld tracking shot at night, following a dirty blue ballon floating above the ground in abandon old European street.
Trained jointly on videos and images, Gen-3 Alpha will power Runway's Text to Video, Image to Video and Text to Image tools, existing control modes such as Motion Brush, Advanced Camera Controls, Director Mode as well as upcoming tools for more fine-grained control over structure, style, and motion.

Gen-3 Alpha will be released with a new set of safeguards, including our new and improved in-house visual moderation system and C2PA provenance standards.
Prompt: An empty warehouse dynamically transformed by flora that explode from the ground.
Prompt: Close up shot of a living flame wisp darting through a bustling fantasy market at night.
Prompt: Handheld tracking shot, following a red ballon floating above the ground in abandon street.
Prompt: A FPV shot zooming through a tunnel into a vibrant underwater space.
Prompt: A wide symmetrical shot of a painting in a museum. The camera zooms in close to the painting.
Prompt: Ultra-fast disorienting hyperlapse racing through a tunnel into a labyrinth of rapidly growing vines.
Prompt: FPV, internal locomotive cab of a train moving at hyper-speed in an old European city.
Prompt: Zooming in hyper-fast to a dandelion to reveal macro dream-like abstract world.
Fine-grained temporal control
Gen-3 Alpha has been trained with highly descriptive, temporally dense captions, enabling imaginative transitions and precise key-framing of elements in the scene.
Prompt: An extreme close-up shot of an ant emerging from its nest. The camera pulls back revealing a neighborhood beyond the hill.
Prompt: A tsunami coming through an alley in Bulgaria, dynamic movement.
Prompt: A FPV drone shot through a castle on a cliff.
Prompt: Internal window of a train moving at hyper-speed in an old European city.
Prompt: Handheld camera moving fast, flashlight light, in a white old wall in a old alley at night a black graffiti that spells ‘Runway’.
Prompt: Super fast zoom out from the peak of a frozen mountain where a lonely hiker is arriving to the submit.
Prompt: A first-person POV shot rapidly flies through open doors to reveal a surreal waterfall cascading in the middle of the living room.
Prompt: A first-person POV shot rapidly flies towards a house's front door at 10x speed.
Prompt: A pencil drawing an architectural plan.
Photorealistic Humans
Gen-3 Alpha excels at generating expressive human characters with a wide range of actions, gestures, and emotions, unlocking new storytelling opportunities.
Prompt: A cinematic wide portrait of a man with his face lit by the glow of a TV.
Prompt: A close up portrait of a woman lit by the side, the camera pulls back.
Prompt: Zoom in shot to the face of a young woman sitting on a bench in the middle of an empty school gym.
Prompt: A close up of an older man in a warehouse, camera zoom out.
Prompt: An older man playing piano, lit from the side.
Prompt: Macro shot to the face freckles of a young woman trying to look for something.
Prompt: An astronaut walking between stone buildings.
Prompt: A middle-aged sad bald man becomes happy as a wig of curly hair and sunglasses fall suddenly on his head.
For artists, by artists
Training Gen-3 Alpha was a collaborative effort from a cross-disciplinary team of research scientists, engineers, and artists. It was designed to interpret a wide range of styles and cinematic terminology.
Prompt: View out a window of a giant strange creature walking in rundown city at night, one single street lamp dimly lighting the area.
Prompt: A man made of rocks walking in the forest, full-body shot.
Prompt: A slow cinematic push in on an ostrich standing in a 1980s kitchen.
Prompt: A giant humanoid, made of fluffy blue cotton candy, stomping on the ground, and roaring to the sky, clear blue sky behind them.
Prompt: Zooming through a dark forest with neon light flora lighting up.
Prompt: A cyclone of broken glass in an urban alleyway. dynamic movement.
Prompt: A man standing in front of a burning building giving the 'thumbs up' sign.
Prompt: Highly detailed close up of a bacteria.
Prompt: An ultra-wide shot of a giant stone hand reaching out of a pile of rocks at the base of a mountain.
Prompt: Aerial view shot of a cloaked figure elevating in the sky betweem slyscrapers.
Prompt: An oil painting of a natural forest environment with colorful maple trees and cinematic parallax animation.
Prompt: A Japanese animated film of a young woman standing on a ship and looking back at camera.
Prompt: A close-up shot of a young woman driving a car, looking thoughtful, blurred green forest visible through the rainy car window.
Prompt: Aerial shot of a drone moving fast in a dense green jungle.
Prompt: Hyperlapse shot through a corridor with flashing lights. A silver fabric flies through the entire corridor.
Prompt: Aerial shot of the ocean. a maelstrom forms in the water swirling around until it reveals the fiery depths below.
Prompt: A push through an ocean research outpost.
Prompt: A woman singing and standing in a concert stage with a bright light in the background.
Industry Customization
As part of the family of Gen-3 models, we have been collaborating and partnering with leading entertainment and media organizations to create custom versions of Gen-3.
Customization of Gen-3 models allows for more stylistically controlled and consistent characters, and targets specific artistic and narrative requirements, among other features.
For companies interested in fine-tuning and custom models, reach out to us using the form in the button below:
Prompt: Over the shoulder shot of a woman running and watching a rocket in the distance.
Prompt: Dragon-toucan walking through the Serengeti.
Prompt: An empty warehouse where flowers start blooming from the concrete.
Prompt: A side profile shot of a woman with fireworks exploding in the distance beyond her.
Prompt: A pink pig running fast toward the camera in an alley in Tokyo.
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