About Runway Research
    Runway Research is enabling the impossible. Our mission is to build multimodal AI systems that will usher in a new era of human creativity.
Subprocessors for Runway AI, Inc.
The subprocessors below may process Runway enterprise customer personal data (images and videos), depending on which features are used.
NameProcessing Activity
Amazon Web Services, Inc.Cloud provider
Google LLC (Google Cloud)Cloud provider
Castle Global, Inc. (Hive)Content moderation
AssemblyAI, Inc.Video transcription (only if certain features used)
Dolby Laboratories, Inc.Audio processing (only if certain features used)
Eleven Labs Inc.Voice model training (only if certain features used)
Notion Labs, Inc.Internal analysis for customer support
Slack Technologies, LLCInternal analysis for customer support
Zendesk, Inc.Customer support