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"RunwayML allows my students to rapidly prototype their machine learning projects. The platform is not only dynamic and accessible but also easy to use. It provides students a great entry into concepts and implementation of machine learning."

Ayodamola Okunseinde

Ayodamola Okunseinde

Assistant Professor of Interaction and Media Design, Parsons Design and Technology, The New School for Design, New York

"The very strong feature of RunwayML is that it gives not-so-technically-oriented art students an easy to use environment to play with AI and machine learning and use it in their creative process of making new meaningful art work."

Michel Gutlich

Michel Gutlich

Lecturer Creative Technologies, AKV|St.Joost, Netherlands

"RunwayML feels like the first link in a huge chain reaction. With the hurdle of deploying and running a new ML model completely removed, you’re free to devote all your time and talent to actually putting the model to a new use. We’re seeing a wave of new, creative people who couldn't access this technology until now."

Matty Mariansky

Matty Mariansky

Professor at Shenkar University, Israel

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Participate in our pilot education program to provide students with the next generation of creative tools. Bring RunwayML to your classroom and explore new ways to teach and learn about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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We believe computers should be instruments to enhance creativity and innovation. Use RunwayML as a tool to learn through discovery and experience, with or without writing code.

Student Work

Get inspired by what students around the world are creating

Student Work

Gilad Izrael
A machine's gaze on the world's most powerful people.

Student Work

Ronnie Oren
How would an artist with a realistic, figurative style draw abstract and emotional art?

Student Work

Yuval Asis
A discussion between a designer and an artificial intelligence model about graphic design and abstraction.

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