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Bring RunwayML to Your Classroom!

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Ellen Nickles
September 9, 2019
RunwayML provides accessible ways to learn about artificial intelligence. Empower your students with hands-on opportunities to discover and create with machine learning.

Introducing Our Education Pilot Program

RunwayML’s easy-to-use platform lowers the barrier of entry to machine learning. Now anyone can explore and experiment without any coding knowledge or technical expertise.

At RunwayML we are building community of educators to help students understand and imagine the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Students need access to tools that feel approachable and intuitive. Tools that invite participation and are inclusive of diverse communities. We want to provide access, develop literacies, and build these tools with the help of educators around the world.

This fall we are launching our Education Pilot Program. We invite instructors with a wide range of experiences and from a variety of disciplines to connect with us. We are committed to forming partnerships and working together to introduce students to the next generation of creative applications and possibilities. Let’s collaborate to develop resources for your classrooms, makerspaces, meetups, and learning institutions.

As part of our program, you can expect:

  • Dedicated Support: ongoing and follow-up conversations
  • Classroom Resources: examples and tutorials for your specific learning environments
  • Educational Credits: GPU credits for your students to get the most out of Runway
  • Webinars: opportunities for virtual training

We will help you understand machine learning, what you can do with it, and how to integrate Runway into your lessons.

Contact Us

Get in touch to discuss how we can best support you and your students.

Connect with Educators

We created spaces to share experiences teaching, learning, and making with machine learning. Join our dedicated #education channel on Slack, find us on Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter (don’t worry, we won’t spam you).

Get Started with Runway

Download the RunwayML Beta. Find tutorials on our Learn site and YouTube channel. Get inspired by our growing list of community projects. We’re excited to see what you and your students make! ✨

Join Our Education Pilot Program!

P.S. It’s free to join 😀

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