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Introducing the Runway Acceleration Program

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Anastasis Germanidis
October 16, 2023
We are excited to introduce the Runway Acceleration Program to help exceptional software engineers become ML practitioners.

We’re starting this program because we have seen first-hand how people from non-traditional backgrounds can contribute successfully to AI projects when given the opportunity. At a time where the state-of-the-art techniques and models in AI are evolving so rapidly, we believe that strong technical skills, the ability to learn fast, and the courage to dive into unfamiliar territories and technologies, are far more important than a formal education in the field.

During the 3-month paid Acceleration Program, participants will gain hands-on experience by contributing to Runway’s ongoing projects. They will collaborate with our interdisciplinary team of researchers, engineers, and artists to build new AI systems and creative tools. At the same time, they will receive continuous mentorship from experienced researchers in the organization.

Learn more about the Runway Acceleration Program and apply at:

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