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Introducing Sequel: The Next Chapter of Video Editing

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July 7, 2021
Next-level video editing with the help of AI. Masking, VFX, color correction, generation, and compositing — all in your browser.

Today, we are launching Sequel, the first web-based professional video editor powered by machine learning. Sequel reinvents traditional video creation by using artificial intelligence models as the backbone of the rendering and editing process.

Recent advancements in computer graphics and deep learning have enabled us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in video editing. By automating tasks like rotoscoping, 2D tracking, and inpainting - traditionally complex, time-consuming, and expensive fundamentals of the video process - Sequel allows creatives to spend more time on the important work of creating.

In addition to helping professionals do their work faster and better, Sequel allows anyone to explore previously gatekept video workflows through the product’s easy to navigate interface. Because the rendering and ML inference runs on the web and the cloud, editing 4K footage in real time is as straightforward as opening a url in a browser.

Modern creative tools

AI is changing how we create. Rather than embracing its advancements and enabling innovation, today’s tools, unfortunately, slow creators down. When you combine AI’s impact on creativity with other broader changes — like a proliferation of distribution channels and, thus, a proliferation of content — it quickly becomes clear that there is a need for modern creative tools.

Since the release of Green Screen, we’ve seen an influx of incredible content created with Runway: from BROCKHAMPTON's latest visual album to mind-bending VFX effects.

We’ve been truly inspired by the feedback we’ve heard and, more importantly, by what everyone has been making. The community of VFX artists and editors has been especially excited about Sequel; machine learning-powered tools are here to make their lives easier.

What we’re launching today is just the beginning. Sequel will get better over time as we professionalize, retrain, and incorporate more algorithms and independent tools into the product.

We started Runway with the main goal of helping creatives work better with the help of machine learning. With Sequel, we’re continuing our mission to get ML into more people’s hands, while also helping creators and companies scale their content creation, reduce costs, and make things that were previously impossible. The future of creativity is changing quickly. We’re excited to continue to lead the charge in providing creatives with tools to change with it.

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