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Cristobal Valenzuela
August 30, 2019
A new space to showcase projects from the community and play with interactive web experiments. Check them out!

The public beta release of RunwayML has only been around for three months 🤯, but it has been enough time for our community to build exciting and inspiring projects with machine learning.

Today, we are showcasing this evergrowing collection of experiments and projects made with RunwayML in this dedicated experiments website:


RunwayML has been used for art, design, academic research, interactive real-time installations, music videos, and teaching in classrooms and workshops all over the world — among many other things! This is what happens when previously inaccessible technology becomes available for everyone to explore creatively.

Experiments are projects, ideas, studies, research, exercises, and libraries that will delight you and give you ideas for your own experiments. Get inspired by what others are creating and explore the array of creative possibilities that machine learning enables for creators.

Together with the community projects, we are releasing a couple of interactive web experiments to showcase some of the open-source models you can find in Runway, directly from your browser. Check out the first one: The Generative Engine, a storytelling machine that automatically generates synthetic images as you type sentences.

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