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Runway partners with Getty Images to build enterprise ready AI tools

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December 4, 2023
Runway is partnering with Getty Images to launch a new video model for enterprise customers, addressing companies’ ever-growing need for high-quality, customized content.

This model will combine the power of Runway with Getty Images’ world-class fully licensed creative content library, providing a new way to bring ideas and stories to life through video in enterprise ready and safe ways.

Runway for Enterprise

This new Runway <> Getty Images Model (RGM) will provide a baseline model upon which companies can build their own custom models for the generation of video content. Runway enterprise customers will be able to fine-tune RGM using their own proprietary datasets. This enables companies in all fields — Hollywood studios, advertising, media, broadcasting, and more — to enhance their creative capabilities and provide new channels for video creation by powering entirely new content workflows and making it easy to craft delightful experiences tailored to enterprises’ styles and brand identities and to their unique audiences.

“Runway’s collaboration with Getty Images takes our mission to empower creators with a new generation of AI tools to a new level of creative control and customization” said Runway CEO and co-founder, Cristóbal Valenzuela. "This will unlock new commercial uses and new video products for companies, and we're looking forward to seeing the outputs."

“We’re excited to work with Runway to help enterprises further creativity and exploration with AI in responsible ways,” said Grant Farhall, Chief Product Officer at Getty Images. “When you combine human talent and skill with powerful technology, the possibilities are tremendous, and that potential is particularly exciting when it comes to creating with video.”

Together, Runway and Getty Images will continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI and video generation, making it easier than ever for enterprises to produce professional, engaging, brand-aligned content. RGM will be available for commercial use in the coming months.

Custom model training using RGM is particularly relevant to companies with proprietary datasets. To learn more and submit an inquiry use the link below.

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