Interactive Experiments

Made with RunwayML

Check out this collection of online experiments made with RunwayML. Have fun!


Generative Engine

A storytelling machine that automatically generates images as you write.


Machine Learning Font

A font based on machine learning generated letterforms by @nan_xyz_.

Projects from the Community

Showcasing some of the projects the RunwayML community has been building. Get inspired, learn and start creating!

Fabin Rasheed

Ai Brushes

Digital brushes created using Artificial Intelligence.


Andrzej Wójcicki

Neural network generated faces from segmentation masks

Faces generated with segmentation masks generated straight from a rigged 3D model in Unity and processed with RunwayML.



Portrait Swap

Swap your face with an art portrait with this AI photo booth.




YACHT used RunwayML for the video of their new single SCATTERHEAD, from the album "Chain Tripping," out August 30th, 2019 on DFA Records.



Synthetic Postcard

Snap your portrait with this AI photo booth!


Matty Mariansky and his students

Design Machines

A curated selection of student works from the Design Machines course for third year design students, at Shenkar University, Tel Aviv.


Shinji Toya

Paint your Face Away

Part of the Paint Your Face Away workshop at the Late at Tate Britain.


Hugo Pilate

Automation & Design Sprints

Design sprints are a lot like particle accelerators. You get a handful of interesting profiles in a room, throw in some trends or insights from your research, and hope to get your mind blown. Or at least that is the intent. However as many might recognize, the process is often closer to an arduous hurdling race than a frictionless whooshing of subatomic particles.



Using RunwayML To Create a Lip Sync Animation

The goal is to create an open-source app or library which allows musicians to expedite the process of creating visuals for their music.


Mike Heavers

Animated StyleGAN image transitions

Learn how to create animated transitions with p5.js and RunwayML.


Lenka Hamosova

Blackmetal x GANs

In the spirit of black & white grainy low-quality imagery the Norwegian blackmetal bands purposedly used on their album covers in the 90s, I decided to see if I can generate such visuals with neural networks.


Grant Custer

Advances in Deep Learning for Image Analysis report

Explorations on possible cover process for Advances in Deep Learning for Image Analysis report.


Brannon Dorsey

The Wandering Dreamer: An Synthetic Feedback Loop

This experiment uses four machine learning models to create a feedback loop between synthesized images and text. All of the images you see here are fabricated, as is the text that describes each image.


Berenger Recoules


The principle is to create a feedback loop between the img2txt model and the AttnGan model : img2txt converts an image in a text description, and AttnGan tries to generate an image from a text.


Yuxi Liu and Larissa Pschetz

No Machine is an Island

Yuxi Liu and Larissa Pschetz were invited by the BBC to produce an artwork that would respond to data produced by BBC Radio 4 on the solstice day (21st June).The resulting work, “No Machine is an Island”, was featured in the Digital Human programme Data Stream Day broadcast on the 24th September.


Barak Chamo

TouchDesigner + PoseNet with RunwayML

RunwayML integration with Touchdesigner.


Guy Fleisher

Go To Your Quiet Place

An interactive installation examining experimental notation systems and gestural environmental.


Yining Shi

OpenPose Experiments

An experiment to find poses and draw them in videos with OpenPose and RunwayML.



Facies viventem

Reworked image from Artonymousartifakt's "The unknowns" series. Modified using an adaptive style transfer model with RunwayML.


Anna Smeragliuolo and Mantas Lilis

A game of charades based on machine error.

This is a project about computer perception. About understanding that machines do not operate without error, and in order for them to bend to our wills, we must also bend a little bit to theirs.


Ryan Bateman

RunwayML meets OpenRNDR

Learn how to integrate OpenRNDR with RunwayML.


Simon Renault

Img to txt

What if we used machine learning to improve image naming and accessibility on the web?



"Dreams Of Tomorrow"

Tokenized artwork.


James Huang

Lost in Translation

NYU ITP 2019 Thesis. An interactive experience to see how machine interpret one thing differently from human


JP Yepez

Coloring Book

Generate contours from images in RunwayML using PhotoSketch and send them to a lightweight coloring app in p5.js.


JP Yepez

TouchDesigner Classifier

Image classification in RunwayML using MobileNet and Touchdesigner. This example generates a simple user interface to display images and their corresponding labels (exported from RunwayML).


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