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AI Magic Tools
Text to Image
Generate images from text descriptions
Erase and Replace
Erase and replace parts of an image with generated content
Text to Color Grade
Color grade your video with only text
Super-Slow Motion
Turn any video into a smooth slow motion video
Image to Image
Modify an existing image with text
Infinite Image
Expand an image by generating outside the original canvas
Frame Interpolation
Create an animated sequence video from uploaded images
AI Training
Easily create unique images of a specific object or style
Text to 3D Texture
Generate an original 3D texture via text prompt
Image Variation
Automatically generate variations of an image
Automatically colorize black and white images
Blur Faces
Automatically blur faces in videos
Remove Silence
Cut out unwanted moments of silence in audio and video
Generate Transcript
Transcribe spoken content into .SRT
Generate Subtitles
Transcribe spoken content into video subtitles
Blur Background
Automatically blur the background of a video
Replace Background
Automatically replace the background of a video
Remove Background
Automatically remove the background of a video
Export Alpha Matte
Create an alpha matte for precise refinement
Add Green Background
Replace the background of a video with a solid green background
Extract Depth
Extract depth information from any video
Backdrop Remix
Compose new scenes for existing images using descriptive text prompts
Remove people or objects from any video
Apply a bokeh effect to videos
Clean Audio
Remove background noise
Upscale Image
Convert images from low-resolution to high-resolution
Motion Tracking
Automatically track the movement of any object
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