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Transform your video to text with our transcription tool

Wondering how to transcribe a video? Leave this painstaking yet essential task to Runway’s magical AI audio-to-text generator. Produce accurate, clear transcriptions that broaden your audience and boost traffic for any project, from anywhere, and all for free. No need to outsource a transcription service or hire someone for manual transcription.

Audio-to-text? It’s as easy as ABC

Transcribe audio into text that commuters can read in the quiet car. Engage new viewers with SEO keywords that bring your link to the forefront of the internet. When it comes to making the most enjoyable, most accessible videos, Runway’s easy text transcription feature always spells success.

How to Transcribe a Video

Browser UI
Upload audio and video files straight to the cloud and never worry about computer storage again. Choose amongst a wide range of accepted file formats.
Browser UI
Drag your desired clip into the timeline, and use the Subtitles feature to automatically transcribe the audio. Runway makes it easy to make manual adjustments if needed.
Browser UI
Export the SRT file. It will immediately be ready for use on your favorite video hosting platform!


Transcriptions introduce your video content to a whole new spectrum of viewers. With Runway, the time-consuming, meticulous process of transcribing audio to text is more convenient than ever. Allow our proprietary AI engine to do the heavy lifting for you for always readable, always rewarding results.

Reach out

Invite hard-of-hearing folks and non-native English speakers to enjoy your work in written form.

Boost traffic

Add transcripts to boost your SEO strategy and rise to the top of the search rank to rake in the views.

Save time

Free up time for more creative endeavors when you pass transcribing along to our AI.

Why the Runway transcription tool?

With adaptive AI technology to support every artistic whim and simplify complex edits, there’s no other video editor quite like Runway. Speed up sluggish post-production processes and realize your vision with one online editing studio that does it all. Designed with video content creators’ needs in mind, our browser-based program allows anyone—and everyone—to edit efficiently without sacrificing style.

Find everything you need in one place

Finally, a platform that intelligently anticipates every creator’s needs. Incorporate multitrack audio, flex a fresh filter, and effortlessly resize clips for a streamlined editing process. Our one-of-a-kind studio experience pushes the bounds of possibility and provides you with a complete creative toolkit.

Work together to make movie magic

Collaborate around the world in real-time with Runway. It’s never been easier to share the workload with colleagues or invite new perspectives. Stay up-to-date and share access with unlimited collaborators, for free, with a simple e-vite link.

Edit anytime, anywhere

Take your creative process to-go on your laptop or in your pocket—our cloud-based editor means you can access your work anywhere you can find a signal. Trim that clip in line for groceries or test out a new filter while you’re traveling sky-high. Once you hit the Runway, you can go anywhere.
When would you need to transcribe a video?
As a creative or a filmmaker, you might need to transcribe your video to:
  • Produce subtitles (timed text boxes on-screen that follow the dialogue and can be translated into other languages)
  • Build captions (timed text boxes on-screen that include dialogue and environmental sounds)
  • Improve searchability to make content more visible online using SEO keywords
  • Create an accessible text version of the content for deaf and hard of hearing viewers
  • Reformat videos into a text structure that can be easily consumed anywhere, with or without volume
If you’re looking to bring your video to the masses, accurate transcription ensures everybody has the opportunity to understand and enjoy your content. But for some makers, even the idea of transcribing their audio file comes with a massive headache.
That’s where Runway comes in. Our audio-to-text AI model generates seamless, precise text that can broaden your audience’s scope and make your content searchable online—without chaining you to your keyboard.
What is the importance of transcribing a video?
Transcriptions are important because they improve visibility and accessibility. As a creator, spreading your content far and wide helps establish a diverse fanbase and increases your chances of monetary or professional gain. Transcriptions make it possible for different types of viewers to fully digest your work and set the stage for returning patrons who know you cater to their needs.
While the process of creating detailed and meticulous transcriptions used to require long, painstaking hours of listening and manually entering text boxes, Runway’s AI does all the work for you in a matter of minutes so that you—and your viewers—can enjoy a video format that’s:
  • Available for a wide range of audiences that include non-native English speakers and viewers without access to sound
  • Easily readable
  • Searchable, thanks to SEO keywords found in the text transcript
  • Translatable into different languages
  • Readily accessible for researchers and reporters that want to reference quotes from your material
Give your viewer ratings a boost with video transcription. Not only will your audience’s scope widen, but your content will also undoubtedly score more clicks.
Who can benefit from a video transcript?
Everyone can benefit from accurate video transcriptions—filmmakers, viewers, and members of the media.
Transcriptions can help creators draw larger audiences and reach all kinds of viewers. They can also help reporters and writers accurately deliver quotes and information to their readers. But video transcripts might benefit audiences the most, especially viewers who speak other languages, are traveling through quiet zones, or are deaf or hard of hearing.
Transcribing your audio can open the door to global audiences, provide an influx of information in restrictive environments, and help all viewers experience your video's full, immersive impact—no matter their ability or language. And with Runway’s intuitive AI tools, you can bring all of the benefits of audio transcription to your viewers without breaking the bank (or breaking a sweat).
Reformat timed-text boxes or double-check spelling before your audio transcription goes live with Runway’s simple tool.
What is the difference between video transcription and video captions?
Transcriptions create a text version of your video’s content that can be read separately or alongside the video. Captions are timed text boxes that include all auditory elements—like background lyrics, emotive descriptions of the score, and even environmental sounds of traffic or crickets—and appear in the video, popping up in real-time.
In Runway, captions and transcriptions both begin with our intuitive AI that generates speedy and accurate audio-to-text results. After we’ve magically transcribed your video’s audio with the press of a button, you’ll have the option of applying the generated text in whatever form you need, including:
  • Subtitles – Add subtitles in a multitude of languages for a universal on-screen script that keeps up with dialogue and highlights your subject’s words.
  • Captions – Use captions to provide viewers with a thorough audio-to-text experience, incorporating all auditory aspects of your footage into a medium your audience can enjoy with or without sound.
  • Transcribed format – Publish an accurate and digestible text transcription process of your video to draw in every type of reader across the internet.
While all audio-to-text elements start with transcription, you can use your generated text for a variety of functions. When it comes to Runway, the options are limitless.
What other production features can you use to boost your video’s exposure?
Once you’ve figured out how to transcribe a video to text, you might search for other ways to boost engagement with your audience. Try these other editing features to create inspiring, innovative, and accessible content:
  • Filters and effects – Spice up your video with filters and effects that add texture and pizzazz to basic footage. Try slapping a hatch effect over moving images for wavy retro results or experimenting with pixelized stills that conjure images of nostalgic video game graphics. With eye-catching filters, you can create unforgettable videos with one-click ease.
  • Reformatting – Ready your video file for the big screen, the silver screen, and the iPhone screen. With expert reformatting, you can serve your scenes on any screen without sacrificing quality or audience experience. If you’re looking to reformat your video across platforms, Runway has you covered. Just use Runway’s built-in reformatting tools to prepare your content for TikTok, Youtube, and everything in between. Thanks to our cloud-based online browser, you can reformat clips to your heart’s content without cluttering your desktop.
  • Multitrack audio editing – Use multitrack audio editing to create intricate and complex audio soundscapes that build immersive audience experiences. Runway’s multitrack audio suite lets you insert music, adjust dynamics, and blend your video’s sounds for chop-free, balanced audio that’s professional and polished. Edit out microphone clips or distracting background noise in post-production to transform amateur smartphone footage into a cinematic masterpiece.
Whether you want to make an impact with animation, create accessible captions or subtitles, or capture a vibe with an evocative filter, you’ll find everything you need—and more—on Runway’s all-in-one online editing studio. We’ve designed all of our innovative, creator-centered tools to make the editing process quick and easy without compromising on quality. Dive into the countless effects and features to create clips that boost your exposure—and eclipse the competition.
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