One-Click Motion Tracking

Track the Motion of Objects Automatically

Introducing Motion Tracking. Automatically track the movement of any object and make things move smoothly with just one click.


Click. Track. Done.

Creatively enhance your footage by pinning logos, graphics, or text to objects in motion with just one click.

Make Anything
No matter what you're making, Runway's Motion Tracking tool makes it faster, easier and more fun than ever to create professional looking videos. Automatically track the movement of any object and make things move smoothly with just one click.
When I hopped onto Runway and I just did three clicks on a subject and it was perfectly masked out, I was like, Oh my God, this is lifesaver! It saved me a few hours.
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Quinn Murphy
Editor and Producer
Runway just made it possible. I wouldn’t have felt comfortable spending $30,000 on a shoot if Runway didn’t exist.
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Vera Drew
The future for storytelling and imagemaking is getting faster, more accessible, and more pliable – so stoked.
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Ryan Summers
Creative Director, School of Motion
I rotoscope 3 shots in real-time and finish in around 10 minutes. Something that would normally take at least 4 hours per shot!
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Luke Thompson
Mind blown. 🤯 Future of AR/Machine Learning on Art and Film is boundless...
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Justin Wedes
CEO @Flow_Vid

How to track the
motion of any object

01. Import Your Clip
Upload any video you want to Runway from right inside your browser.
Upload your video
02. Click the object you want to track
Drop it into your timeline and simply click on the object you want to track.
Make magic
03. Export The Magic
Now you’re ready to attach your logos, graphics, or text to your tracked footage. Create your masterpiece.
Create your masterpiece
Everything you need. All in one place.
From basic editing to advanced post-processing, Runway is like having your own video production studio right inside your browser. Say goodbye to choppy, time intensive motion tracking with Runway's Motion Tracking tool.
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Trim and Cut Videos
Everything you need to make anything you want.
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